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Karisa Kaye, MAMFT

Her Mission

Karisa's mission is to invite clients from all backgrounds into a life of freedom. She is passionate about deep identity work, where individuals can discover who they truly are so that they can show up to relationships and life as the best versions of themselves.

Therapy with Karisa

Multidimensional health is one of Karisa's core values, as she believes that all factors (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual) combine to create true wholeness. Karisa aims to make therapy a warm and fun experience for her clients. 

Fun Fact

Karisa is definitely living out her commitment to health. She enjoys daily training and high intensity workouts.




PhD Candidate - Clinical Sexology

Modern Sex Therapy Institute |  2023


M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy 

Richmont Graduate University | 2012

B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies

LeTourneau University | 2009


Christian Sex Therapy

Institute for Sexual Wholeness | 2012

Complex Trauma Counseling

Boston Trauma Institute | 2012

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Why the Lips?

Story behind the I Love Us logo

I love the lips because they represent so much that’s necessary in healthy relationships & intimacy - kissing, passion, using your voice, sharing, communicating, connecting face to face. All of these facets take us to the next level of “oneness” with each other. 

- Karisa Kaye

About the Logo
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