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The Taming of the Toxic

Relationships with Difficult Family Members

An Ongoing Dialogue

Talking with Your Children About Sexual Violence

Sex Therapy at Home

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Podcast Episodes


Karisa opens with a powerful statement of the connection between sex and spirituality, the beauty of the act when connected and the many challenges we face when triggered or navigating past traumas.


 We look at expectations, discernment and timing when deciding with who and when to become sexually intimate and the reality that intimacy begins with physical touch that does not necessarily lead to sex. 

This week we are optimizing your sexuality with Karisa Kaye, founder and therapist for I LOVE US Relationship & Intimacy Counseling, LLC, here in Chattanooga, TN.


Learn about how your lack of desire, performance and overall drive in the bedroom may be directly correlated to your hormones and their instability.

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Learn More about Sex Therapy

Karisa Kaye, MAMFT, discusses common sexual anxieties, sex after baby, and more! Learn how sex therapy is educational, practical, and vital to the intimate health of your relationship

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